Section 2

State form more extensive than county form

The Grand Jury also inaccurately concluded that the state form was less extensive than the county form. This was wholeheartedly rejected by Mr. Davies, the state’s preeminent ethics expert (See attached).

Davies stated:

Indeed, a comparison of the state form and the county form reveals that, on the whole, the state form is more extensive than the county form.

Davies goes on to cite numerous examples including the fact that the county form does not ask about offices in political parties; the nature of one’s business, information on a filer’s children; agreements for future employment or transfers for less than fair market value.

Additionally, Davies noted:

but perhaps most significantly, the County’s financial disclosure form violates state law…In particular, the County’s form fails to include, as required by state law, at least six items …

This fact was indirectly conceded by the county legislature in 2011, when it redrafted the county’s laws, subsequent to the Davies letter to include all of Davies’ recommendations so as to finally conform the County’s forms to state law.

This information is crucial because it refutes the nonsensical unsubstantiated allegations in the media that I was looking to file a state form rather than a county form so as to hide information, without saying what that information was.

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